2021-06-06 22:17

reLiveG is a live show replay client for experiencing past scene-related shows and podcasts.

It is implemented as a new graphical client and currently starting beta phase. Initially it supports only macOS, but Windows and Linux support is planned.


  • Play streams from all supported reLive stations
  • View synchronized chat of live shows where available
  • Search for streams or tracks to find your favorites
  • Hardware accelerated UI

Planned features

  • Windows and Linux support
  • Live radio streaming

The development home is on GitHub.

Download of initial macOS beta

reLiveG v0.7.53 for macOS - An early version of reLiveG as binary for testing.

Note: Please keep in mind, this is a beta version, but I’m hoping to find and fix more issues when more people try this, so if you find errors or miss features, please report them at the GitHub issue tracking