Back to work on reLive

2019-09-15 00:38

After quite some time with moving into a new home, switching into a new job and lastly moving onto a new server with all pages and tools, I used part of my last vacation time to get back to work on my reLive code. I will not make any promises on any dates for any platforms as this is something for my spare time and there is not many, but I did rewrite most of my backend stuff and I managed to get a working prototype.


Another Small Update to reLive for iOS

2013-04-12 20:32

I found a crash, when you start typing in the search bar but then select one of the still visible stations, the app crashed. The fix was easy, but just to get it out, I made a new patch version v0.8.2 and it has an additional screen update fix.


Second Ad-Hoc Preview Release of reLive for iOS #2

2013-04-09 09:57

Oh well, you shouldn’t release your own stuff after a week of hard working on your “daytime” job. SilverLance informed me, that no streams where shown and after being irritated I deleted the app from my device to see the same with a fresh install. It took a few minutes of debugging to reach a line of code marked with


Second Ad-Hoc Preview Release of reLive for iOS

2013-04-06 18:25

Today with version 0.8 the second ad-hoc distributed preview is ready for the testers (at the known place or in your inbox). It has all the party coding features enabled and I added the use of a fade in for manual skipping around in a stream too, cleaned up the layout of the search result cells a bit and hopefully fixed all known bugs.


Back from Revision 2013

2013-04-01 22:41

We just returned from Revision 2013 and it was a great party with a lot of cool releases. I really love visiting demo parties as I like the creativity you feel all over the place. A huge amount of very different people meet up and lots of them work quite focussed on their releases. Lots of good Amiga stuff this time and for a wild compo that was almost canceled first, due to lacking entries, it was a blaze after lots of entries where done to save this great category. That was one of my personal highlights.