Back to work on reLive

2019-09-15 00:38

After quite some time with moving into a new home, switching into a new job and lastly moving onto a new server with all pages and tools, I used part of my last vacation time to get back to work on my reLive code. I will not make any promises on any dates for any platforms as this is something for my spare time and there is not many, but I did rewrite most of my backend stuff and I managed to get a working prototype.

The new client prototype was developed with use of some thirdparty libraries to reduce development time by a good margin. It comes with a curses ui, something that is a first for me, but was fun to do and quick to get going.

The client backend uses the new V11 JSON API of reLive, and that helped to get a working DB fetch during the first weekend and have a working player a few days later.

Chat View

From there I need to decide, where to go. I must admit, that at least the old reLiveQt is not running well on a current macOS version, and I’m not sure if I want to fix it up or switch to one based on my new lighter backend.

Besides that, I decided to release the source under BSD-3-clause license and move development to GitHub to have issue tracking, and make it easier for others to help.

Binary releases of early versions will follow soon.

So stay tuned…