First Public Release of reLiveQt

2009-12-06 13:44

Finally, more than half a year after I started to work on it, and more than half a year after the first test version went out in the wild, I decided to do a public release. I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I wanted to, as business projects keep me occupied. But I like to use it, so I guess it might be good enough for others as well.

I decided to use C++ and the Qt framework to implement it, as a usability test of the then new LGPL licensed version 4.5, and to be able to write myself a Mac version while still having the option to use it on other systems. Of course this come with the downside of a big binary, as a dynamically linked Qt contains a lot more stuff than used by the client. Still I have to say it was fun to code the client and I have to admit, that Qt is quite usable and helps you get the job done.

I wished I would have been able to get the versions for other operating systems done too, but that has to wait for a later release.