A Big Thank You Apple!

2013-03-28 09:34

During the last days we where on a trip through south Germany and while working on reLive I recognized some strange display flickering problems on my device that seemed to originate from some hardware defect. On thursday I went to the local Apple Store and asked for help. I showed them the strange behavior and told them about the plan to present reLive for iOS on an event next day. They where very helpful and quickly arranged a date with a genius. He checked my device and offered me a replacement instead of trying to fix it in my device, to make sure I have a working device for my date. We exchanged devices after I flushed my data and I was back on track!

Thank you for not telling me to go to my telephone provider where I got my device from or to the store near my home address in the north of Germany when returning from my trip, but helping me out with a quick solution. I have a long history of devices from different brands and quite some trouble with some of them, but never got help that quickly and easily.