Back from Revision 2013

2013-04-01 22:41

We just returned from Revision 2013 and it was a great party with a lot of cool releases. I really love visiting demo parties as I like the creativity you feel all over the place. A huge amount of very different people meet up and lots of them work quite focussed on their releases. Lots of good Amiga stuff this time and for a wild compo that was almost canceled first, due to lacking entries, it was a blaze after lots of entries where done to save this great category. That was one of my personal highlights.

Besides all that, I used the creativity around to do a lot of party coding on reLive so I finished some new stuff like:

  • cached loading of station logos from a server, to have new logos (e.g. for new servers) without the need of releasing new versions of the app
  • the search bar is now working, so you can search the database and directly jump into found streams or tracks inside streams
  • support for fade on buffer under-run to ease the skipping when listening quite loud
  • a configuration page inside the iOS Settings app now allows to change the buffering, the logo source and if fade should be done

So after some cleanup of party traces in the source, a next preview will be released soon.