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reLive for iOS

A reLive Client by Steffen Schümann

Attention: reLive for iOS is still in development with an external test phase running with selected testers. It will be available over the iTunes Store when it reaches version 1.0, this is expected somewhere in Q2/2013.

reLive for iOS enables you to tune into the reLive system with your iPhone or iPad. Listening to a missed show with reLive is as close to the real thing as it gets. You hear the music, you can see the tracks, you can follow the chat, it only lacks some tachyon based plugin to let you take part in the discussions.

The reLive headquarter can be found at and SceneSat is hosting a support forum for reLive in general.

reLive for iOS currently (v0.8.1) has the following features:
  • custom optimized station logos, official logos can be shown by config option
  • build a local database from metadata fetched and cached from the reLive server network
  • pull-to-refresh support
  • search database and play search results
  • browse streams and shows
  • play streams directly over wireless network or cellular network
  • configurable buffer depth
  • configurable fade on buffer under-run
  • background playback
  • support for media remote controls (e.g. headset buttons)
  • open URIs of the relive: scheme and play the selected object (if it is a stream or track)
  • zoomable striped reLive bar for seeking through currently played stream
  • view stream chat log synchronized to music