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Another Small Update to reLive for iOS

I found a crash, when you start typing in the search bar but then select one of the still visible stations, the app crashed. The fix was easy, but just to get it out, I made a new patch version v0.8.2 and it has an additional screen update fix.
As I was working on new features, you get search filter buttons and prioritized loads of new streams in favor of updates for old ones for free with this fix release. Winking

So grab it at the place you know or find it in your inbox.

Happy testing!

Second Ad-Hoc Preview Release of reLive for iOS #2

Oh well, you shouldn’t release your own stuff after a week of hard working on your „daytime“ job. SilverLance informed me, that no streams where shown and after being irritated I deleted the app from my device to see the same with a fresh install. It took a few minutes of debugging to reach a line of code marked with
// TODO: uncomment this before release!!!!
Yeah, I know, it was dangerous to expect that to happen, so it didn’t happen.

Well, there (at the known place or in your inbox) it is, the second release of the second ad-hoc distributed preview release of reLive for iOS v0.8.1, now with stream loading. Winking

Second Ad-Hoc Preview Release of reLive for iOS

Today with version 0.8 the second ad-hoc distributed preview is ready for the testers (at the known place or in your inbox). It has all the party coding features enabled and I added the use of a fade in for manual skipping around in a stream too, cleaned up the layout of the search result cells a bit and hopefully fixed all known bugs.

Thanks to my testers for helping me, making reLive for iOS a better app!

Back from Revision 2013

We just returned from Revision 2013 and it was a great party with a lot of cool releases. I really love visiting demo parties as I like the creativity you feel all over the place. A huge amount of very different people meet up and lots of them work quite focussed on their releases. Lots of good Amiga stuff this time and for a wild compo that was almost canceled first, due to lacking entries, it was a blaze after lots of entries where done to save this great category. That was one of my personal highlights.

Besides all that, I used the creativity around to do a lot of party coding on reLive so I finished some new stuff like:
  • cached loading of station logos from a server, to have new logos (e.g. for new servers) without the need of releasing new versions of the app
  • the search bar is now working, so you can search the database and directly jump into found streams or tracks inside streams
  • support for fade on buffer under-run to ease the skipping when listening quite loud
  • a configuration page inside the iOS Settings app now allows to change the buffering, the logo source and if fade should be done
So after some cleanup of party traces in the source, a next preview will be released soon.

A Big Thank You Apple!

During the last days we where on a trip through south Germany and while working on reLive I recognized some strange display flickering problems on my device that seemed to originate from some hardware defect. On thursday I went to the local Apple Store and asked for help. I showed them the strange behavior and told them about the plan to present reLive for iOS on an event next day. They where very helpful and quickly arranged a date with a genius. He checked my device and offered me a replacement instead of trying to fix it in my device, to make sure I have a working device for my date. We exchanged devices after I flushed my data and I was back on track!

Thank you for not telling me to go to my telephone provider where I got my device from or to the store near my home address in the north of Germany when returning from my trip, but helping me out with a quick solution. I have a long history of devices from different brands and quite some trouble with some of them, but never got help that quickly and easily.

First Ad-Hoc Preview Release of reLive for iOS

Quite shortly after the first versions of reLiveQt I wanted to have an iOS client too, and I started working on it some time ago, but I didn’t really have enough time to bring it into a state where it would be actually usable. It was around Evoke 2012 where I finally was able to stream shows and read the chat and have a first version with me that some interested people could have a look at on that party. But as I started to work for a new company last year, with a cool fascinating project, not much time was left for finishing up the application, so I was the only one using it for myself. Now, over half a year later, I prepared the first preview release v0.7 to selected users (at the known place or in your inbox), so the real release is coming closer!

Small Update to reLiveQt

There where problems with the colon separation on some browsers, so a dash is now used. A new release of reLiveQt, version 0.9.69 is taking care of that while still understanding the old format. It also fixes a bug that prevents you from listening to the last seconds of a stream. This is my first reLiveQt build without a 10.5 system for OSX development and tests, so I hope everything is fine, but please report any problems so I can fix them.

reLiveQt now additionally supports the http based links. They enable the use of the relive java plugin for playback. To listen to episode 7 of “One Man & His Mic”, simply follow this link.

reLiveQt for Mac OS X and Windows

reLiveQt is now available for Mac OS X and Windows, and thanks to Qt it was not that much work. Grab it while it is hot!

The new version 0.8.62 is available as a dmg for the Mac and as an installer or a zip package for Windows. As the windows installer package offers the option to install the application in the program folder, it needs administrator rights. If you don’t have the rights or don’t want to trust it, use the zip and copy the contained folder to a place of your liking.

One thing that I really like is the new support for relive urls. Now you can link from a webpage to a station, a show/stream and an individual track. So if you already installed/used the new reLiveQt, you should be able to jump into the BitJam-Episode #100 or the " rel="self"> - ROTY Awards 2009, or even jump to the first part of an Interview with Jeri Ellsworth at Alternative Party 2009. Time will tell how much it will be used, but it is a nice thing to have.

First Public Release of reLiveQt

Finally, more than half a year after I started to work on it, and more than half a year after the first test version went out in the wild, I decided to do a public release. I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I wanted to, as business projects keep me occupied. But I like to use it, so I guess it might be good enough for others as well. more...